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  • together, we can make "the big 'C'" not so big. - Samuel Ackerman
  • I love my life - and I honor it's innate ability to heal when I treat it well! - Diane Scribner Clevenger
  • I want to do something now for all cancer challenged and to honor the memory of my father. - Ying Kee-Perasso
  • cancer has no place in our society. - anne leys
  • my family and I support cancer prevention to the fullest. - Denise Smith
  • I support cancer prevention and how it affects my community. - tyler martin
  • your organization is amazing. - Becca Ross
  • I want to always live cancer free. - tricia george
  • it's the right thing to do. - Sam Conlon
  • my mom had cancer and this one is for her. - Johnny Murphy

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I Get In Front because:

I don’t have the patience to become a patient.

Preventing cancer is getting in front of it. Discover the growing movement of Californians who refuse to simply wait for the cure.

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Michael McDonald Gets in Front Michael McDonald Gets in Front
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Get in Front Performance Promo Video Episode 3 Get in Front Performance Promo Video Episode 3
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Helping Women Understand Breast Cancer Risk

Helping Women Understand Breast Cancer Risk

Our breakthrough study revealed the contribution of hormone replacement therapy to the burden of breast cancer in California. Learn more >

Making Melanoma Prevention Public Policy

Making Melanoma Prevention Public Policy

Our melanoma findings are helping to protect the nation’s youth. Learn more >


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Keep healthy food out in view so you're more likely to eat it. Keep unhealthy food hidden away. What's out of sight is out of mind.

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